Monday, October 20, 2008

I won!

I received an email from Dan and Dawn this morning saying I had won the chili cook off. I'm sort of curious as to who all submitted, but then again don't really want to know in case I won by default.

Be sure to swing by Chicago Football Chili and check out the recipes that Dan and Dawn have put so much effort into.


Erika said...


cornflakegirl said...

Zack, I'm putting together a cookbook of recipes from family and friends. With your permission, can I include your award-winning chili recipe?

Thanks!! Barb

Zack said...

I am flattered that you would ask. Feel free Barb.

cornflakegirl said...

Hi Zack... Well, the recipe pages are off to the printer including your Chili recipe. We're looking at a mid-December publish date. I had to scale down some of the text so that it would fit on one page, but the concept and ingredients are intact (including the caution about sensitive body parts). :-)

I couldn't help thinking though that this is much like how a braise starts out - with the browning of the meat and veg., etc. What I would suggest, and this is probably how I would make it, is to start out with a dutch oven and brown the meat in batches in some oil, set aside. Skim any excess oil/grease, THEN saute your veggies in the brown bits to save all that good stuff... and carry on from there. Saves you one pan and you get to keep all that good flavor from browning the meat. Just a thought.

BTW, I think I'm your only voter so far on "Should I make my own turducken" so don't feel too pressured - I don't think I would go that far (especially since I'm not a big duck fan).

Take care, and have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Zack said...

Yeah, those are good ideas, and I'll probably do that with the meat in the future. Just goes to show how much I've learned in the past year.

I'll be making a batch on Friday for my annual poker game.

You and Joel have a great Thanksgiving.

cornflakegirl said...

Hi Zack, The cookbooks are in... if you send me your mailing address, I'll send you a complimentary copy. There is even a recipe from Joel, for trail mix (hahaha - no cooking) that he takes on his annual Canada fishing trip. Thanks... msf-gf