Sunday, November 25, 2007

Chocolate cake

Rory wanted to make a chocolate cake for her family's Thanksgiving. She found a number of recipes but finally settled on this one. I later dubbed it the worst written recipe in the world. The way it was written just made it seemed a lot more difficult than it really was.

We also switched it up a bit. Instead of making a flourless chocolate cake we made a regular chocolate cake from scratch. I though the flourless cake would be too rich, I've made one a couple of times for a nice summer recipe. For the cake, which Rory made, she used the recipe in How To Cook Everything by Mark Bittman book, but any chocolate cake recipe would probably work.

I made the mousse and the ganache. The mousse was involved and I think I used just about every kitchen tool I own, but it was great, very light and fluffy. The ganache was the easiest thing to make, just boil some butter, sugar whipping creme and pour it over some chocolate. Probably the best frosting I've ever had. Rory's mom said she could live off it.

Rory decorated the cake. She put sliced strawberries down, topped by some mousse followed again with some more slice strawberries. Then she forsted it with the ganache and put more strawberries on top. It was a great cake. Everybody really seemed to enjoy it as well. I think we'll be trying a three-layer version of it for Christmas Eve at my parents.

I don't know how much I'll be posting this week. I'm out of the office a couple of days and also have a lot of leftover laying around so I may not be cooking. Though I will try for one post a day. I baked some cookies so there will be posts about those.

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