Thursday, November 15, 2007

Cookers block?

I don't know what to cook this weekend. It should be a quiet couple of days, which will be a nice break from the past few weekends that have been incredibly busy, so I have time to cook some different and potentially time-consuming recipes.

But nothing is really speaking to me. I was excited about the short ribs, risotto and pizza last weekend but am kind of "Meh" about any recipes I've read the past couple of days.

Right now it's between chicken and dumplings and pot roast. I'm not sure what recipe I'll use for the chicken and dumplings but I plan on using whole wheat flour for the dumplings in an attempt to be a little healthy. At some point I'll make that pot roast recipe, it sounds fantastic, but I just did the short ribs last weekend and want to do something else. I have a pork tenderloin in the freezer, maybe I should do something with that. Anybody have any suggestions?


Steve said...

Are you trying to imply that there's a way to prepare a pork tenderloin besides smoking it? Because that would be crazy talk. Even a basic Weber kettle can be used to smoke -- it's all about the indirect heat.

With the changing of the seasons, it's my wife's turn to cook until grilling and smoking season comes around once more....

Zack said...

I wouldn't say there's a better way, but how about equally as good?

I could brine it, do a rub and then roast it. Hmmmm, something to consider.

BTW, I'm doing eight-pepper, three-meat chili for the poker game next week. I'm looking forward to that post.

Steve said...

Or you could brine it (apple juice, sea salt and brown sugar), rub it and smoke it!

Smoke it, son!