Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Up next

Some of Rory's high school friends are having a revolving monthly dinner party. This Sunday it's our turn. We've been to two so far and both have been excellent, but situations like this is when my competitive juices start to flow so I really want to impress.

I've know this has been coming for about a month, and while my focus has been on turducken this has been in the back of my mind. I want to do something that impresses, but also something that's not too much effort. I considered short ribs, the chicken, sausage and sage dish and a pork roast but wasn't sure. I found out one of the guests is not a big pork fan so that was ruled out, the chicken dish seems just too easy, so I was leaning toward short ribs.

I figured I would have all day for them to braise, but then we were invited to a holiday tree trimming party Sunday afternoon. It's being hosted by some friends of mine that Rory hasn't met and people I haven't seen in entirely too long. I can still pull off a dinner, but braising the short ribs wasn't an option.

So I'm doing a turkey breast. I'm going to brine it and roast it. I have wanted to do another one since Thanksgiving and it seems like the best option. When I brined one a couple of months ago it was the best turkey I ever had and I should be able to replicate it.

As for sides I will do the perfunctory mashed potatoes, but I'm not sure what else. The corn casserole that Ed and Karen brought to turducken was great, but I'm also considering an asparagus or something else. I was also thinking about doing a soup instead of salad, but I need to check some of my recipes and make sure I'll have time.

As for desserts, it might just be cookies unless I feel like doing something else. Though the apple caramel cheesecake may be beckoning again.

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