Monday, January 14, 2008

Chocolate cupcakes

My sister has long been considered the baker in the family. The fact that I even started baking has caused her some consternation. But this post will probably send her over the edge as I clearly cross the line into her territory: cupcake land. My sister has made a wide variety of cupcakes for different family events and they all have been excellent.

This was my first foray into making cupcakes. Rory was co hosting a surprise birthday party for one of her very close friends. The party was being held at a bar, but we were able to bring in some of our own food. She was going to buy cupcakes, but then I offered to step in to bake some myself.

I found Ina Gartner's Chocolate Ganache Cupcake recipe and knew they would be good. I tripled the recipe and they turned out excellent. Just dipping the tops of the cupcakes into the ganache was a nice touch as well and they looked great.

Though never having made cupcakes before I ran into a couple of problems. I overfilled some of the cups and didn't grease the tops of pan so some of the tops stuck. Also, I wasn't very careful when pouring some of the batter and some liners and it got on the outside of them. This cause the cupcakes to stick to the pan. Overall not too bad for my first try and now I know what to watch out for.

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