Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Wow, it's been almost a month, for the five of you out there that read this I'm sorry. Work and social life have been busy and I also haven't been cooking a lot of new stuff, just old stand buys. but I have a few posts I want to do and the new issue of Saveur is the breakfast issue and I love cooking me some breakfast so hopefully inspiration will strike.

I have a call in ten minutes but figured I would do a quick post on smoothies. I've been working out again and have been using smoothies as meal replacements after I work out. It's not the first time I've done it, but as I was sitting here I figured it was worth a quick post.

There's no real recipe I use. I typically use a fresh banana, frozen strawberries and soy milk with some protein powder. I will also toss in some frozen mangoes or blueberries. I just eyeball it in a blender and hit the switch.

They fill me up quite nicely and also help in my recover from those weight workouts. I didn't have a smoothy after a couple and was sore for days.

The picture here is one I made with blueberries and strawberries and yes, I'm drinking it out of a May Fest mug. And that's my Darth Vader/Death Star transformer in the background.


Erika said...

Looks can also add chunks of silken tofu in place of soy milk, and it will give it a bit thicker texture.

Steve said...

Add tuna. Yum!