Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Registering for the wedding

Rory, myself and our mothers went and registered for the wedding Saturday. If I hadn't have been hungover it probably would have been fine, (the random waves of nausea made it a challenge at times). That said, it still went off without a hitch. Rory and I had looked at stuff online ahead of time to make sure we were on the same page and we were (I am a very lucky man).

Bed, Bath, Beyond was the first stop and we were there for three hours. All told I think we registered for more than 350 items, from china and Waterford crystal to napkin rings. I really didn't think I would care much about the china pattern, but we're both really excited about the pattern we picked out.

We spent less time at Crate & Barrel and Williams Sonoma. At all three place I registered for a number of cooking tools. I'm looking for all new baking tools and pans from Bed Bath Beyond and registered for a bunch of All Clad cookware at Williams Sonoma. After the All Clad pots and pans the other ridiculous thing I registered for was a 7 1/4 quart dutch over from La Creuset. I have no idea of whether or not anyone will buy it for us but it couldn't hurt.

There was one purchase made Saturday. Williams Sonoma was the last stop and I was going to register for a couple of new knives. I have a nice set of Henkels but didn't have a boning knife or a large serrated knife. I was scanning the boning knife and the price popped up at $20.99. I looked at the price in the display and it said it was on sale for $76.99. I asked the staff there and they said it was $20 and if I really wanted it I should buy it then and there, too good of a deal to pass up for an eight-inch boning knife so I did. Also, when I went online to check the registry it was still listed and there it was $129.99.

Otherwise, more posts to come this week and some new and different recipes. I was in Orlando earlier this week and am making the grocery list, trying to figure out what to cook.

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