Friday, June 3, 2011

Gardening experiment 2011

Oregano doing well.
As I stated previously, Rory and I moved to the burbs almost a year ago and with the extra time and the help of my parents we put a small garden in this year and I once again am trying some fresh herbs in pots on our second floor deck. 

I'm growing rosemary, basil, thyme, oregano and sage in pots on the deck. We get a fair amount of sun up here and so far so good. Some of the plants have been going for a few weeks and seem to be thriving, the oregano especially.

The garden we have is about a 6X4 patch that had previously been dug up, probably used for the same purpose by the previous owners. We have two large trees in the back yard so sun may be a problem, but this one patch seems to get a fair amount. Only time will tell if it's successful.

We planted four regular tomato plants, one cherry tomato plant, a green bell pepper plant and some cucumber seeds. The garden was put in a week ago before we had a monsoon that flooded the entire back yard but everything seems to have survived, though I'll be curious to see if the cucumber seeds end up doing anything.

As had been previously documented, my gardening has not gone well in the past so I'm hoping for the best.