Friday, November 9, 2007

Mmmmmm Meat

Tonight I make braised short ribs. I am using John Besh's recipe from Esquire. Finding a zinfandel at the local Dominick's was tough, only one bottle available and I'm hoping it doesn't suck. They also didn't have the porcini mushroom so I'm using portabello (and how can anything with portabello mushrooms suck?).

This is my first time making braised short ribs. I don't remember my influence to make them, I read something somewhere and thought they sounded good. And it's Friday, I'm off from work and have time to cook something that's a bit more elaborate. I'll post picture tomorrow of the process and how it all went.

I'll be serving a side of mashed potatoes and sauted asparagus. I just remove the ends of the asparagus, put a little olive oil in a pan with garlic and toss them in there with salt and pepper. Easy and tasty.

As for yesterday, I didn't make the risotto carbonara. A buddy called and offered me a free ticket to the Bulls game and I opted for that instead. Though I will still be making that soon.


Julie said...

Braised short ribs, eh? How many hours does that need to cook? As an expert cook (and by expert, I mean I watch Top Chef on a regular basis), I believe the meat will need to cook for 6 - 8 hours. Am I correct?

Welcome to the Blogosphere!!!

Zack said...

The recipe says two or three but I'm going to probably do a bit longer than that, probably five or so. I think that should be plenty.

Charlie said...

Wow, three posts in one day. The ribs sound great, I'll be over with the family by 7.