Monday, November 19, 2007

On the menu this week

With the holiday I don't have much planned this week. Tonight we're going to some friends for dinner and tomorrow I'll probably have leftovers. Wednesday I may be cooking for Rory and a friend of hers, but I won't know for sure until later. Thursday is of course Thanksgiving and I'm making a cauliflower gratin for Rory's parents meal. I will also be assisting Rory with the cake she's making.

Friday I'll make chili for the annual day-after-Thanksgiving poker game. It's my own recipe which I'll try to document here. I basically buy a bunch of different meat and peppers and throw it together. No beans though, I'm not a fan because of the texture, and who wants to be sitting around with seven guys after they've been eating chili?

Saturday we'll be having turkey again as we head to my parents house to celebrate the holiday with them. As of now I'm not making anything for my folks because they told me not to bother. I also know we'll have plenty of food.

But Rory and I will probably be baking this weekend. I think we're going to make at least four or five different types of cookies. We're heading to Michigan a week from Saturday for a family outing and want to bring some and also want to have some on hand for Turducken fun. We'll probably do some massive baking a couple of times before Christmas as we plan to give out cookies to some coworkers for the holidays. If we do that I'll spread out the recipes over a few days.

At some point later today, maybe not until the evening though, I'll post about the meal I made last night. Three words: bacon-wrapped pork loin.

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