Thursday, November 29, 2007


Last night I cooked some Salmon for Rory and I using a South Beach recipe. Sadly I forgot to take a picture. This was the first time I cooked since making chili last Friday. We had Thanksgiving leftover from both our folks and I was busy at work the first half of the week so no time or energy to cook anything.

The salmon recipe is pretty good. I've made it a number of times and it always turns out well and there's room for some variation. I don't have very much seafood experience and in reality I've been afraid to cook it. It seems much more delicate and sensitive than other proteins. The other reason being that Rory isn't a fan and she'll only eat salmon.

This isn't the exact recipe, but it's pretty close.

2 TBLSP lemon juice
2 TBLSP olive oil
1 TBLSP minced garlic
1 TSP rosemary
Salt and pepper to taste
2 Salmon steaks

Mix the lemon juice, olive oil, garlic, rosemary, salt and pepper in a bowl. Pour the marinade over the steaks. You don't want to do this for too long or the acid in the lemon juice will start to cook the steaks, maybe 30 minutes or so.

How you prepare them is up to you. You can probably grill them or even sautee them, but I use the broiler and a cast iron pan. I heat the pan under the broil for about 15 minutes. Then I throw the salmon steaks in with the extra marinade and toss it back under the broiler. Cook for about three minutes on each side.

For a side I had an extra head of cauliflower in the fridge and wanted to try something different with that. I steamed it up for about 15 minutes and then put it in a baking dish. I put some butter in the top and grated some fresh Parmesan cheese over the top. I then placed it under the broiler for about seven minutes. It was all right, probably would have been better if I put salt and pepper on it before I put it in the broiler, but it was something new and I'll most likely try it again.

I feel as though I'm behind on posts this week. I'm going to attempt to do at least two more today. I also want to cook something significant on Sunday, but I haven't figure out what yet. Any suggestions?

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