Thursday, November 29, 2007

Chocolate crinkles

These are my favorite childhood Christmas cookie. They're like a cookie brownie. If you like chocolate you'll love these cookies. Typically my mom will make them for me around the holidays and if she doesn't I try to make her feel guilty (every once in awhile you have to try, right?)

When Rory sent me the recipe I was psyched. It's a simple looking recipe and with the old KitchenAid, which we have named Gloria, they're simple ... kind of.

They key to this recipe is the dough need to be cold, very, very cold. I made it before the Bear game and then put it in the fridge. After the game I took it out and started rolling it into balls and then in the powdered sugar. The first few were easy, but as the dough warmed up it became sticky and hard to work with. If I make these again, and I probably will, I'll make the dough the day before and let it get nice and cold.

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