Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Turducken Chronicles: Part Three

The beast has arrived. Good thing too since it’s my last day in the office for the rest of the week. The next couple of days will be spent preparing for the party as well as running some other errands and taking care of holiday stuff.

The reality of this party has hit me though. I can’t believe I’m hosting a sit down dinner for 18 people, 20 including Rory and I. My friend Jay, a trained chef, told me I was nuts. Last year I had 13 or 14, I can’t remember and it was a much smaller space. It should be fine. I have a stove that works, last year the beast took entirely too long to cook, and know what needs to be done. It all about the preparation or as the chefs’ say, mise en place.

And while I have a little bit of fear, I’m looking forward to the challenge. After I’m done running around Thursday I’m going to do some baking. I want to make biscotti and monster cookies.

On Friday I will hit the grocery store to pick up the rest of the fixings and what I need for a caramel apple cheesecake, which I’ll make on Friday. I also need to hit the liquor store to pick up some Jameson for Irish coffee and bourbon for the muld wine. I’ll also clean the place from top to bottom on Friday. (And yes, I know I'm making two Paula Deen recipes, I believe this is the first time I've made anything from her, but both look too good to pass up).

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