Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Bittman-inspired meal

As I said, I was ready to cook last week and I was happy when I finally got around to it. The main things I cooked were a basic tomato sauce and a no bake cheesecake, both from Mark Bittman's blog last week.

I did a couple of things different with the sauce, though I followed the basic premise. I bought some fresh basil and added that as well as some garlic and shallots. Also, After it had cooked down for awhile and was still a little chunky I took the immersion blender to it to make it a nice puree. It turned out really well and had a great fresh flavor.

The cheesecake was pretty easy as well. I followed the recipe pretty strictly on this one, though I did add a bit of sugar to the ricotta/cream cheese mix because I didn't think it was sweet enough, not much though, a couple of tablespoons at most.

I have a few other things up my sleeve this week too. I have the smell of garlic, shallots going through the apartment right now as I'm braising a beef round roast in a mirepoix and red wine. It will eventually be a different type of Bolognese, but that's a few hours away. Not exactly seasonal cooking, but the beef was on sale.

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