Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Scratching that itch

I didn't cook much last week, which has left me with a desire to hit the stove this week. Our mild temps don't hurt either. I want to roast whole chickens, slow cook a pork shoulder, make pasta sauces ... but alas, it has to wait at least one more day.

The weekend was kind of nutty, we were out Friday night and were a bit over served and then had a wedding Saturday. Sunday we cleaned somewhat but after it was all said and done we were too tired to go shopping. Yesterday we met with the priest who is going to marry us and then had dinner with her family.

I was ready to hit the store today, but I'm fried. The deadline for the fall issue is around the corner and my brain hurts. Plus, I'm having dinner with a friend.

But tomorrow I will cook and it will be spectacular.

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