Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Chicken pizzas

The last two days in Chicago were hot and muggy so I didn't really feel like cooking anything too complex, especially because my kitchen gets hotter than Hades. So I decided to go to an old fall back, pan fried pizza. The only change from that recipe is that I used all whole wheat flour.

This time I decided to have some fun with the toppings, I did one buffalo chicken and another BBQ chicken. Rory is dieting and I know she wouldn't be tempted by either of these because she thinks chicken on pizza is an abomination.

For the toppings I took a large shallot and two chicken breasts, cut into chunk sized pieces, and cooked it up with a little bit of olive oil, salt and pepper. After it was cooked I took half the chicken and set it aside. With the half left in the sautee pan I added about a cup of Frank's Hot sauce and let that cook down. I then added about half a cup of ranch dressing and let it cook up a bit more. After about 10 minutes of total cook time I set aside in a bowl.

I took the other half of the chicken and added it to a clean sautee pan and added some Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce. I let that cook for about five minutes and then places in a bowl.

I had already shaped the pizzas. After cooking the one side and flipping I added the Buffalo chicken mixture with some crumbled blue cheese. For the BBQ pizza I used a sharp cheddar.

I like the buffalo pizza better. It had a great flavor and nice kick. In the future I'll probably try to refine the sauce a bit more to make it a little thicker.

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