Monday, December 29, 2008

Holiday news and notes

It was a great Christmas season with the family. With the wedding coming up I was prohibited for asking for any cooking stuff, but I did get a couple of cookbooks, an Art Smith book and Alton Brown's book on kitchen equipment. We also got a bunch of wine stuff from Rory's brothers girlfriend Mary.

My mom sort of broke the rules and ordered me a bamboo salt holder for the counter top. It was two compartments, one of which I'm using for Kosher salt and the other I'm using for Pacific sea salt. It's really quite nice and I would post a picture of it if I had an Internet connection at home (DSL is down).

I will attempt to post more in the New Year (a resolution, maybe?). Especially since I agreed to do South Beach with Rory for at least a month. This will be my first attempt at a specific diet and I'm hoping it goes will.

Happy New Year everyone.

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