Monday, January 5, 2009

South Beach: day one

So Rory and I started the South Beach diet today. This is my first attempt to really diet so it should be interesting.

Rory has done this diet before so I am leaning on her to tell me what to do. I have cooked South Beach recipes before and they're pretty good. They basically call for lean proteins, which I can do, it just takes a little extra care in preparing.

I already had my fake eggs with turkey bacon for breakfast and my mid-morning snack of a cheese stick. I'll make lunch in a little bit. I think working from home will make this diet a lot easier than if I had to go to an office.

I am curious as to how the diet is going to impact my workouts. While my attendance at the gym has been less than stellar the last couple of weeks I am getting back to it this week.

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Erika said...

Good luck with South Beach!