Monday, January 26, 2009

Food news and notes

I neglected to get on the scale this morning, part forgetfulness, part I didn't behave myself this weekend. On Friday, however, I was down another two pounds for a total of 14 pounds down.

While I have been sticking very closely with South Beach Phase One, no carbs and no sugar, the one exception I have allowed myself is beer and I was out Friday and Saturday night drinking. I also had a hot dog on Saturday and on Sunday we ordered a pizza from Homemade Pizza Co., but it did have a whole wheat crust.

Saturday my dad and I also started brewing beer for the wedding. Rory's Uncle Joe had quite the home brew setup in his basement. We brewed a saison and a heffe weizen. I know that might not seem appropriate for the weather outside now, but in August both will be great.

We've brewed beer once before down at the Beverly Arts Brewing Center, but we definitely got a better idea of what to do this time.

I should be posting some more of what I'm cooking for South Beach, but a lot of it isn't very exciting. This week I took some chicken breasts, pounded them pretty flat, added thyme, salt and pepper some prosciutto and low-fat mozzarella, and rolled them up. I pan cooked them for about 8 minutes total and then put them in a 350 degree oven for 15-20 minutes to finish the cooking. They were good, but they needed a sauce.

I've found a couple of new food Web sites last week that I'm exploring as well. I really enjoy this sites voice. E.L.'s writing can be a bit dense at times, but I really like the site.

Looking at his site lead me to Foodbuzz. I signed up for an account, it's kind of like Facebook for foodies but I need to explore the site a bit more, which won't be happening soon because I have a real job deadline hanging over my head.

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