Wednesday, January 28, 2009

On tap

Neither of these recipes are strictly South Beach but they are healthier than the alternative, except for maybe the bechamel.

The Super Bowl calls for chicken wings and when Bittman posted these recipes I felt like it was a no brainer. The flavors intrigue me and should really pop. Plus they are baked and not deep fried so that should be something.

This vegetable lasagne from Savuer is the other I'm going to make, but this is dependent on me finding some whole wheat lasagna noodles. I am a little skeptical about not cooking the noodles first, it's a fairly complex recipe and I would hate for it to not turn out for that reason alone. Not sure when I'm going to make this one, since it is involved, and we have a busy weekend ahead of us.


Erika said...

Hi Zack,
I have made a very similar lasagna a bunch of times. I would cook the noodles al dente--don't risk it with crunchy noodles. And instead of whole milk, I used fat-free evaporated milk to make a bechamel sauce and it works just as well without all the fat (of course there is fat in the butter). I always use fat free evaporated milk in place of cream, half and half, or whole milk when a recipe calls for it. I don't think anyone can tell the difference.

Zack said...


Thanks for the tips, I'll definitely use them.

Steve said...

Did you make the wings? I made 'em for the first time for El Juego Grande, but followed Alton Brown's preparation: steam them for 10 minutes to render off some fat while cooking it in a nice moist environment, then sit for an hour, then roast for 20 minutes/side.

Meat itself was great; the sauce (mainly butter, hot sauce and garlic) was tasty but didn't adhere all that well (I didn't follow his proportions as exactly as I probably should've). Oh, and parchment paper on the baking sheets reduces the smoking during roasting....