Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Feta and cauliflower frittata

Frittata is a fun word to say. Come on now, say it aloud with me now frittata. Yes, sometimes I can act like a nine year old, what's it to you?

Now a confession ... I have a subscription to the Food Network magazine. Yeah, I know. The really scary thing, it's not bad, it's actually pretty good. I thought I was signing up to get the first issue for free but clicked something wrong and the next thing I know I got a bill for $15. Instead of fighting it I just paid it.

I've made a couple of recipes out of the second issue, this frittata recipe I've made a couple of times because it's really good, easy and relatively South Beach friendly. Two changes I made were not adding as much milk and adding a little bit of diced shallot after the cauliflower has been cooking awhile.

Yeah, I know 10 eggs is a lot, but you're not eating the whole thing. It serves four and make a great breakfast the next day too. Plus it is fun to say frittata.

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