Monday, April 27, 2009

Red velvet cupcakes

Did some baking this weekend, first time I had done any since the holidays. It was Sarah's birthday and she requested baked goods

I did make Paula Deen's red velvet cupcakes and frosting, though with a couple of changes. When I saw this recipe I noticed the 334 comments and reviews. This seemed like a lot to me. I look at recipes all the time online and often look at the comments to see if the recipe needs to be tweaked in any way.

The comments for the recipe were so different, people either loved or hated the recipe. There were also a couple of modifications that I incorporated into the recipe I made.

Instead of using one teaspoon of coco powder I used two tablespoons, one teaspoon didn't seem like nearly enough, and in reality they still could have used more. I also only used one cup of vegetable oil and upped the buttermilk to 1.5 cups.

The frosting concerned me (see post below) but it was really good. By far it was the best frosting I've ever made. The only problem was I could have easily halved the recipe and still had plenty of frosting for the cupcakes. I ended up tossing a lot of it.

Rory and people at the party said the cupcakes were really good, though I was a little disapointed. I didn't think they had a really good flavor and I they were a little dry.

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