Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Wedding beer

We sampled the beer we're making for the wedding on Sunday. Rory's Uncle Joe has quite the home brew setup in his basement. My dad and I went down there in February and made a heffe weizen and a saison.

I guess Joe had tasted the saison earlier in the week and didn't care for it to the extent he bought another kit to make something else in case it didn't turn out.

But on Sunday it tasted fine to me. It started out nice and clean and then had a little bit of a bitter aftertaste. I thought it was pretty good and Joe said it would continue to mature in the less than three months we have till the wedding.

The heffe weizen was excellent. It has a nice crisp clean taste which will be perfect for what will most likely be a hot day in August.

Home brewing is something I would like to take up when I get a house where I can store the beer, but in the meantime Joe has said I could use his facilities any time I want. I'm seriously considering a home brew for Turducken in December.

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