Monday, October 12, 2009


So I missed week one of the cooking challenge, which I thought might happen. Rory and I headed up to Michigan yesterday to see my grandfather, hit a couple of wineries and hang out with the family. we also hit an apple orchard where they had freshly made apple cider doughnuts (picture above). They were still warm when you brought them.

The secret ingredients were apples, basil and olives. In all honesty it's probably best that I missed this one, Rory can't stand olives. I would have most likely done something with pork and apples, it's a natural pairing and I actually did something earlier in the week with those two. My side would have involved the olives and basil and apples. Maybe a couscous? Or make a pesto with the basil and include the olives?

I'll admit, I'm having trouble figuring out where the olives belong. Then again, I could have done a roast chicken with an apple, basil and olive stuffing, though that does seem kinda weak.

But my question is, do all three ingredients have to be center stage? I'll be curious to see what wins.

Meanwhile, my deadline is almost over and I have a backlog of posts to write. Should be doing them soon.

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