Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Struggling with Porchetta

Last spring I was lucky to attend Cochon 555 where I for the first time had porchetta. This lovely pork tenderloin wrapped in pork belly was a first for me. Also around the same time a friend of a friend made one and documented it with pictures on Facebook.

I've been mulling making my own ever since and then I get the latest copy of Savuer and it is listed in the magazine's top 100 along with a recipe.

Now the assemble of this doesn't scare me, not after putting together my own turducken, it's more the cost and size or the beast. The recipe, not available online, calls for 12 to 14 pounds of pork belly and says it feeds 10 to 12.

I'm still considering it for my mom's birthday at the end of February. It's going to be a fun meal, I'm making my own ravioli for a pasta course and am still considering the porchetta, any thoughts?

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