Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Turducken Part Three: Revenge of fowl

So I've been badly neglecting the blog with no really good excuse. Work was busy, and there were the holidays but I need to be better about keeping the four people who visit here better updated.

I probably have close to half a dozen posts from last year to catch you all up on, but I'll start with turducken, which was a little more than a month ago.

We had 21 this year for the feast in which I once again made my own bird(s). It is the last one in our apartment as well as the house hunting in the suburbs had begun in earnest. It'll be curious to see how this evolves next year. I like it being a sit down dinner and one of the things we're looking for in a house is a large dining room. Now 21 people is tight just about anywhere you go but with more room may expand next year.

Everything went pretty smoothly this year, especially compared to last year. Putting it together was pretty easy, I deboned the chicken and duck myself but ordered the turkey deboned from Paulina Meat Market.

I also made mashed potatoes, chocolate chip cookies, pumpkin and tiramisu ice creams. The latter two deserve their own posts, which will happen soon.

Another edition to the turducken was a wedding goft from Rory's college friends, a kegerator. We started out with a five-gallon keg of Two Brother's Ebel Weiss and then switched it out with a five-gallon keg of Two Brother's Domaine Dupage. I'm becoming a huge fan of Two Brother's brewery and may have to make a road trip out there soon.

Now for the food porn and hoping to be a better blogger in 2010.

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Amy said...

Nice! I really missed Turducken this year. Don't take me off the invite list just because I couldn't make it this year!! I want to hear about the tirimisu ice cream. Also, do you ever cook with a crockpot? I need some good recipes other than pulled pork. Can you help?