Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Savuer posted it's porchetta recipe from the magazine, you can find the link here.

It's an intimidating recipe. Leaving the plastic wrap on and the baking soda to crisp the skin, a lot of techniques I've never used before.

I haven't ruled it out though, I need to swing by the Peoria Meat Market to see what the pork belly will cost me before I make a final decision.

A pork aside, had brunch at the Publican Sunday and was very impressed. The maple braised bacon was a dream, a nice salty/sweet bite of porky goodness. And they made a mimosa with a heffe weiss and OJ that really blew me away as well. I've been for dinner too and while the Publican isn't cheap it's worth a try, great beer and excellent food.

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