Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Fried rice

I love eggs. Scrambled, poached, over easy, hard boiled, sunny side up, it doesn't matter. An egg on top of a burger is one of my favorite things so when I saw this Bittman/Vongerichten recipe I was a little excited. A sunny side egg on top of fried rice? Where do I sign up?

Now this isn't for everyone. I was raised in a family where an egg yolk was a cherished thing to sop up with some toasts, sausage, bacon, etc. But I know some who think the site of a runny yolk is disgusting. One the Publican menu they have fries serves with an egg sunny side up. To me this is a little bit of heaven but for others it would make them gag.

This is my take on the fried rice recipe linked above. I didn't have all the ingredients on hand and wanted some extra protein so I added a chicken breast to the mix. I also used brown rice, steamed one cup, instead of white rice.

I did a quick marinade of the sliced chicken breast, couple of tablespoons of soy sauce, some rice wine vinegar, a good size shallot chopped along with a couple of cloved of garlic. I wanted some heat too so I added about a teaspoon of red pepper flake and about a tablespoon of srircha.

I let that marinate, about an hour, while the brown rice steamed and added it a pan over high heat to do a quick sear and cook. Depending on how you cut up the chicken it should only take a few minutes to cook. Then add the cooked rice and mix together. I probably cooked for around five minutes.

After I added the rice to the chicken I started cooking my egg in a separate frying pan. I was very happy with his this turned out, it had some nice heat, but not too much and was pretty easy to do. I was also happy with how the picture turned out.

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