Thursday, December 27, 2007

Santas was good to me

I got just about all the cooking stuff I wanted for Christmas. As I took everything out and put it in the kitchen Rory commented that it looked like QVC threw up in the kitchen. The big thing was the immersion blender. Just for fun I used it to scramble some eggs. I'm going to do a soup soon so I can use it again. I also got two cookbooks, Bittman's NY Times recipe and Seduced by Bacon. Rory also got me a nice big strainer, which was desperately needed, and the folks got me some ramekins.
I also got a couple of nice Le Creuset casserole pans, a new pasta pot with built in strainer and steamer, a small digital scale, and a nice cast iron enamel dutch oven along with a zester and some nice tongs. I have had some Borders and Barnes and Noble gift cards sitting around so I'll probably use those to buy the couple of cookbooks I've been wanting.

Tomorrow I'm making tacos for Rory and her brothers. I'm also going to do something with the turkey carcass sitting in the freezer. I want to make stock but I might make soup.

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