Saturday, May 30, 2009

Guiness cupcakes with a twist

I'm on a bit of a cupcake making jag and did some again, this time for John's 30th birthday. When I asked Rory which ones I should make she said Guinness cupcakes because they have beer in them and we'll be drinking beer at John and Ruth's.

I had made them once before, a recipe from my sister, but I couldn't find that one so I just did a quick Yahoo search. I thought this recipe looked good so I went with it. I went with sour cream over yogurt and I used the cream cheese frosting from Paula Dean that I had made for the red velvet cupcakes, though I halved the recipe.

I also did one other little thing. I had some chocolate ganache left over from when I did the vanilla cupcakes. I had been meaning to make truffles, but instead I took some of the ganache and put it in the center of each of the cupcakes.

The end results were really, really good. Nice moist cake with good texture and a nice pop of dark chocolate. I would say they're the best cupcakes I've ever made.

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Amy said...

Those sound delish - no pictures?! I tried the other cupcakes you made (Amy Sedaris). I cooked the first batch too long so they were a little dense, but when I made them again today they were moist and fluffy. The chocolate ganache was awesome. I'm definitely going to have to try these beer cupcakes. Thanks for the good ideas.